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What is the difference between the Group and the Channel?

Group is a chat in the Telegram messenger, where users communicate with each other.
The channel - the tape of messages in the messenger Telegram. Only the administrator can write messages there, other users scan the tape.

I inserted the widget code on the site, but the messages do not appear in the widget

Group: you did not invite bot @tgwidgetgroup_bot in your group.
Channel: message feed is updated at 1 hour intervals

Why does the widget not show old messages?

Group: Only messages that were written after the bot entered the group are shown.

How often do new messages appear in the widget?

Group: Messages arrive with a delay of 5-15 seconds.
Channel: with a delay of 1 to 60 minutes.

How much does it cost to install a widget on my site?

Group: widget is free.
Channel: Subscription to the widget is worth it 7.99 usd per month.

Which messages will appear in the wiki?

Text, pictures, stickers, locations.

Why are people in the widget Groups are highlighted in different colors?

We choose a color for users in a random way (just like Telegram does).

Why is my CSS code not a butt to the widget?

The CSS code is available only after receiving a subscription to the Group or Channel.

What does the subscription purchase for the group give?

The advertising message at the bottom of the widget will be hidden and you will be able to insert your CSS code into the widget.

How do I know that the subscription to the widget is about to expire?

A week before the subscription is expired, you will receive a notification email.

How do I hide the delete message button from a widget?

The button is visible only to you (if you are authorized on the site, other users do not see it

How do I hide all messages with pictures?

You need to use CSS code:

.is_photo {display: none}

How often is the title of the chat or channel updated?

The title will be updated when a new message is sent to a chat or channel

Why can not I add a chat or channel by link ?

This link is not supported, you need to set username for your chat or channel in the settings of Telegram